Types of Resumes / CVs

A traditional resume uses text to list a candidate’s work experience, education, and skills. But nowadays everything has changed and many types of CVs/Resumes have just popped up, so we should know which type of them suits us and be the perfect choice for our future career.

Here we will discuss the most common types that will help us choose the most suitable one for our career needs.

Functional Resume

functional resume focuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. Instead of having a “work history” section at the top of your resume, you might have a “professional experience” or “accomplishments” section that lists various skills you have developed over the years.

Infographic resumes

Include graphic design elements in addition to or instead of text. while an infographic resume uses layout, color, design, formatting, icons, and font styling to organize content. ​Also this kind of resume suits the jobs like, (Graphic Designers, Architectures and Digital Marketers).

Tailored Resume

Tailored  resume is a resume that is customized to specifically highlight the experience and skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. It takes more work to write a targeted resume than to click to apply with your existing resume. However, it’s well worth the effort, especially when applying for jobs that are a perfect match for your qualifications and experience.

You should write your resume or CV this way to have an advantage in the competitive labor market.

Smart CV/Resume

This type of resume consists of only one page with just four sections and every section should have only three points the main ones of course, like brief summary of your career highlights, qualifications and the information that relates to the position you are applying for. You have to minimize your information.

Video Resume/CV

These days and after the tremendous development of technologies lots of companies and recruiters have become more smart and started to use technology too, so this type of CVs or Resumes become a little bit common especially in the European organizations. So how could you make this kind of resume simply just like the traditional one and I will just put the main points here:

  • Introduction about yourself 
  • Your education and certificates 
  • Your work experience 
  • Your goal from applying in this position 
  • Thanks word

But notice that you should:

  • Be Professional 
  • Show do not tell
  • Keep it Brief
  • Prepare script

These are the main points but you could tailor them according to your own way or according to the job itself.

- Finally

You can use any type of them depending on the requirements of the job or the position and also the information that you have about the company or the recruiter. All these elements will affect your choice.

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