The Most Needed Jobs in The Middle East

If you are at the first step of your career, you may think of dozens of hesitant ideas and notice how some traditional jobs have undergone drastic changes in a few years. You may consider studying at university or working in another profession that suits you more, but you want to know about the latest jobs in the Arabian market.

The labor market will always be influenced by the development of science and the advancement of technologies.

Based on this we will now talk about the professions that have gained great interest.

1.Software Developers

They are working on new systems to turn everything into the automatic system and make our lives much easier.

2.Customer experience specialists

The job is to make the customer fully use and experience the product or service, it is common to find those employees working in the e-commerce companies and platforms interested in obtaining positive results for the client experiences.

3.Content Creators

The employees who make money through creating digital content on the internet and the social media channels. They are also called “Digital Influencers”.

4. Career Counselor

The career counselor is the one who helps other people to develop in multiple areas in their careers. This profession will develop a lot in the near future.

5.Digital Marketer

This profession is gaining lots of strength now in the digital medium, and turning into a revolution especially under the dominance of the digital world.

6.Data Analyzer

 An employee who analyzes all information pertaining to a particular industry or system, whether online or offline, has a very important impact on the decision making process for companies and organizations.

7.3D Engineer

This industry has become a significant part of the Arab market, and because of the tremendous technological development, it has been classified as an important job.

8.Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent management is what is reflected in the HR profession. It is very important that the positive and negative points of the staff are identified, in a highly effective manner, to help and enable them to be better in their careers. So many corporations are very interested in this profession.

9.E-Commerce Specialist

The e-commerce model has become a common model in the world of business now, especially after the large spread of electronic trading platforms such as Amazon, Jomia and others, and there is a great trend to convert traditional trade to the electronic one, and in the presence of many virtual shops that compete online, the need for professional specialists in this field will be increased.

10.Financial Manager

This job is an indispensable profession in any organization, whether it was large or small. Because of its importance in managing the capital of the companies and despite the existence of many systems and techniques that conduct calculations in a more complex and efficient way than humans, but this position is still making decisions that computers cannot do to this day!


We have to create our own plan and vision that enables us to make the right decision for our future.

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