Find a job in 4 steps

1.Preparing your resume professionally (How?)

You have many options, you can make it from scratch and you can follow a specific website specialized in creating CVs, so here I will tell you the main steps of creating your own resume and some recommended websites for the same thing.

You have to write your name on the head of your resume 

Then follow the below steps:

  • Career Objective
  • Contact Info
  • Education & Certificates 
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Work History
  • Interests

        Finally, prepare your cover letter with the most relevant keywords.

2.Decide the job title

  • Search for your future job through the online channels and the offline ones, so let me explain more about these channels.

    Firstly, the online channels and they are:

    • Recruitment websites or mobile applications 
    • Facebook jobs 
    • LinkedIn


  • Secondly, the offline channels:

    • Your network and Relationships 
    • Job fairs and Events 
    • Offline advertisements

3.Before the applying process

There are some steps you should be aware before applying:

  • Be sure that your skills are relevant to the position requirements. 
  • Make a deep search about the company and try to contact the HR team.
  • Read a lot about the field or the industry itself to be a little bit knowledgeable about it.

4.The applying process

  • Send your resume from a professional email.
  • Send your CV in PDF format with your name. 
  • Check everything to avoid spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  • Write the position in the subject line.
  • Write a short message in the email to show your concern about the job.


Through following the steps mentioned above you can find the suitable job and easily reach the interview process, but be aware of every step to show your professionalism.

About 86% of those who apply for a specific job in a professional manner get hired.

- Finally

Believe me it’s not that hard to find your dream job, but you have to put in a little effort to get it. So please take care of the hidden details, because maybe they will be an obstacle in your way to achieve your own goals.

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