Career Shifting

Do not be afraid to start again, especially in your career life.

The concept of career shifting has become more common in recent years especially in the age of robotics, freelancing and the tremendous growth of technology. We are in 2021 and lots of people are still afraid of making this step and be more brave to leave their hilarious jobs.


There are main 3 reasons:

  • They are afraid of losing their fixed salaries.
  • They persuade themselves that they are satisfied (negative satisfaction).
  • Maybe they are a bit too lazy to leave the couch.

Here we are talking about the people who are forced to work a specific job, but they do not like it. 

The solution for those who are searching for their passion and how they could change their way or go through another way.

You think that everything today is related to certain fields like IT, Graphic Design, Marketing and Web Developing. 

But why? we want to make a career shift 

  • Gain more professional experiences.
  • Earn more money. 
  • Feel satisfied.
  • Find your passion.

So here we will talk about legends who decided to break the rules and make different beginning

Walt Disney   

He was just a journalist and they fired him. Guess what, he became the inventor of (Mickey Mouse) and made the whole world feel happy.

Silvester Stallone 

He was a zoo keeper and he was getting one dollar per hour before he became a famous actor not just a famous actor he gained more than 50 prizes and was nominated for Oscar prize three times.

Youssef Edress 

He was a doctor but he left his career and became a journalist after that he wrote lots of novels. At the end he became a famous novelist for a lot of movies and plays.

The message here is that you are not different from these people, but the only difference is that they find out their talent and passion. On the other hand, they were brave enough to make the decision and choose their own way.


There are specific steps to make a successful career shifting decision 

  • Find out for yourself (How?!!!)
  • Know your strengths points. 
  • Your weaknesses. 
  • Your interests.
  • The career that matches your lifestyle. 
  •  Make a list of jobs. 

Try to know more about them and the skills that you have to get to be professional in that field. 


  •  Build a strong network.
  • Communicate with your targeted job community.
  • Read and learn a lot.

- Finally

Please do not hesitate, you still have the chance to change your life and make it better and believe me you deserve that.

Be yourself, be your own champ.

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