Boss Baby is not just a movie!!!

We all know the animated movie called (Boss Baby) this movie was not a normal one. It was a guide for important business principles and what we should do to achieve success, so here I will discuss with you the most important principles and business rules that happened in the film.

The first idea that I noticed in the movie was the imagination and how you could through the great imagination overcomes many obstacles and reduce stress on yourself here is an important point and it says (If you are the boss you should get rid of the stress to take the right decision (.

The second rule says that the decision makers should have self-confidence in their abilities and their decision should depend on (Facts – Information – Data – Statistics) the information and data are the most important elements in the decision making process.

 The third principle is talking about the crisis management and here the movie explains two things:

  • The strongest who could adapt with the market circumstances.
  • You should have a clear plan with specific steps and precise information about your (target segment –product – market – competitor).

The fourth one is pointing to the resources and the movie demonstrates that if the organization could find a business model that enables it to get a full benefit from its resources it will increase the productivity and the effectiveness of every element it has.

The movie explains the most important department in the corporation and it is the (HR department) that plays the circle role between the different sections in the organization, but the main tasks of that department are:

  • The retention of the talented employees.
  • Solving the employee’s problems.
  • Developing the employee’s performance to accomplish the organization’s success.

The movie refers to some points I will summarize it here:

1-     If you could grab the whole market you should do because your competitor will not be hesitating to do.

2-     The organization must cope with the changes of the market

3-     The way of success is not straight

4-     There is no secret for success everyone has his own secret.

5-     The methodic system and strength rules are the main factors of success and achievements.

6-      Do not lose hope you have to believe in your abilities and goals.

7-     Your team is your wealth you have to give them appreciation words and take care of them to be successful boss.

Here I will highlight some business terminologies:

  • Branding.
  • Employee engagement.
  •  Techniques and approaches.
  • Integrity.
  • Deadline.
  • Who can lead and who cannot supervise.
  • Cookies are for closers not for leaders or bosses.


Business is a lifelong process, so we should be patient and see the big picture to can decide correctly. Success is a habit, but the hard part is how to stay on the peak and that will come true if you follow the right rules of the game to be a real boss. We should see the world from a business view and be ready for any unexpected change because success is a sustainable process…

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