AI Effect on HR Department

AI Effect on HR Department

Robot Vera will find employees for you, Vera will find a resume, call them, and interview.

How does she do it?

At your request, finds a summary

Faith connects to different work sites. Enter a short query and see how many active candidates are on one portal.

Want to know how Vera makes calls?

Enter your number and Vera will call you right now and tell you about it. Or just listen to the sample call.

Online job interview

For those candidates who are interested in your job, Vera will offer to pass an online interview, this can be done directly in the browser. See an example of an interview.

This is the best alternative to active employee search.

In addition, Vera can:

Remove duplicate resumes

You do not have to worry about calling or sending one candidate twice. When searching on several working sites or loading your own database, Vera deletes the CV matches.

Work for different jobs

Vera copes with completely different vacancies: cashiers, programmers, drivers, marketing specialists. And she works with them at the same time without loss of quality and speed.

We make picking easier

We will help you to reach applicants who are not engaged in active search and do not respond to vacancies.

5,000 responses in a month. Vera made more than 40,000 calls, sent 37,000 emails, more than 100 candidates underwent video interviews.

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