Adapt or Die

The world is changing faster than ever, and traditional ways of thinking are having trouble keeping up with the pace, so smart people should embrace change and find creative ways to cope with the fast pace of change. The tremendous development of technology poses more opportunities than ever before, so if we could not adapt we would die. As an employee or a freelancer you must get involved in a lifelong learning process to survive, but How? Find out the below steps:

1.You have to know the updates at this below points:

– Your industry

  • Take advantage of the industry research and trends reports.
  • Check the weekly or monthly statistics about your industry.
  • Regularly follow publications and influencers in your industry.  

– Job description of your job

  • Search for an updated description for your job.
  • Notice the differences in the tasks or duties.
  • Check for the new skills needed for your job.
  • Look for the competitive advantage that makes you unique.

-Most important companies in your field 

  • Read about the most important things in your field. 
  • Choose the most companies that match your expectations and know more about them.
  • Check the job description of your job at these companies.
  • Target a list with potential companies you will apply for a job by them.

-New tools and technologies

  • Read about the trend tools at your job that make doing tasks easier than before.
  • Follow the trending technologies to be aware of what happened around you.
  • Prepare yourself for unexpected changes.
  • Be smart and decrease your efforts through knowledge.

2.Update your Resume

At that point, you have to notice the details of your resume and start to revise them carefully and here we will highlight some of them.

-Job Title

  • Read more about keywords related to your title.
  • Check blogs and websites such as (LinkedIn – Glassdoor – Indeed).
  • Make an online survey that helps a lot.
  • Check your network for advice.

-Theme & Style

  • Search for modern themes and styles of resumes.
  • Use resume maker sites and new technologies or tools to improve your resume.
  • Ask at recruiting groups about the latest updates.

-Update the essential sections

  • Put the latest Courses and certificates that you got.
  • Skills are one of the most important sections.
  • Languages that you just learned.
  • Any training or internships.
  • Volunteering activities.

3.Social media accounts

  • Follow professional people in the same industry.
  • Post tips and useful information about your field.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Post your photos in events, conferences and fairs related to your career.
  • Write articles that reveal your expert in your field.


If you’re an employee or a freelancer, look for ways to get more eyes on yourself, the more you can adapt, the better success you’ll have. Ultimately, being more prepared for faster and faster change is necessary for everyone. If you’re not learning, you’re not surviving.

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